In a social and economic context characterized by increasing demands for timeliness and efficiency, judicial litigation is a tool becoming more and more unsuitable (for time, cost and uncertainty of the result) to meet the needs of users, and it appears too distant from economic and business realities. At the same time, improper management of legal issues may easily turn into a cause of substantial economic losses, subtracting precious time and resources.

With this in mind, Studio Gallasso & Associati recommends a new approach to the attorney/client relationship, in which the lawyer provides continuing legal consultancy on an ongoing basis, with straightforward aims and benefits:

  • proper and expert management of all aspects of legal relevance;
  • analysis of legal risks aimed at preventing problems;
  • avoidance of disputes and related costs;
  • legal support to all business functions, including support at client’s premises when requested, with significant savings of internal resources;
  • drafting and review of contracts and other legal documents; drafting of client’s own templates;
  • direct involvement and assistance in contract negotiation;
  • use of alternative dispute resolution methods; defense in arbitration procedures;
  • expertise and knowledge in the defense of the client, in close cooperation with the same, when a dispute or litigation cannot be avoided.

The firm offers tailor-made solutions for consulting services and legal assistance, agreed with every single client taking into account the relevant specific needs. Ranging from occasional professional activities, to agreements for continuous consulting services, until a complete outsourcing of the company’s legal functions, the Firm can provide the best solution for each client – also in terms of costs and fees – for all needs of legal services.

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